The New Iberians 4/22/2017  L-R Paul Bassette, Linc McGrath, Evan Shlaes, Fred Ingram, Clark Salisbury

                                                                                                                                                                  Michael Brummell 

The Band Circa 2000 (L to R) Matt Miles, Robert Lieberman, Mike Neeley, Evan, Paul Bassett, Stevie Davis


The Band circa 2008 (L to R) Francisco Marmolejo, J. Michael Kersey, Evan, Paul Bassett, Fred Ingram, Clark Salisbury

Evan 3/2007

blues &


the begining...

We started way back in the 1990's as a Portland band called Mumbo Gumbo. Late in that decade accordion player Evan Shlaes  changed the band name to  the New Iberians to pay homage to his favorite town in Louisiana.

    New Iberia, also known as the Queen City of the Bayou, is deep in Cajun country and is chiefly known for its Shrimp Festival and for being the world's center of red pepper hot sauce production.

    The band has been through a few changes over the years but for the past half dozen the line-up has been Evan on Squeezebox and Vocals, Paul Bassett on Rubboard, Linc McGrath

on Bass and Vocals 

Fred Ingram on Drums,  Clark

Salisbury on Electric Guitar

and Michael "Buck"

Brummell on Vocals,

Harmonica and Sax.

     The New Iberians often tour up and 

down the West Coast and have ventured

as far East as Chicago.  We've played

many festivals, including the Safeway

Waterfront Blues Festival, Portland Rose 

Festival, The Bite of Oregon, and Bones

and Brew. We've opened for some 

famous folks, among them Beausoleil,

Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Bo Diddley.

    We play a wide variety of music, 

combining traditional Louisiana forms

with Northwest Rock and Chicago

Blues for a spicy, danceable gumbo we

call Stumptown Zydeco. 

    Besides putting our own spin on

some classic tunes we have many

original songs to offer, including nine

on our most recent CD "Pingaddamidy"

Our CD's are for sale on Itunes, Amazon,

and CDBaby. 

We book through

or you can reach us at

or call us at 503-238-1838